A comprehensive (but fast!) course for learning how to use GoGuardian Teacher in your classroom. Is your first class using GoGuardian starting tomorrow? No problem! This course was designed to have you up and running in less than an hour.

Getting Started with GoGuardian Teacher will teach you how to:

  • Manage your classroom with commands like open and close Chrome tabs, and lock and unlock student screens.
  • Keep track of student web activity with the Timeline and Screens views.
  • Enroll, exclude, and remove students from classrooms.
  • Import and use Google Classroom with GoGuardian Teacher.
  • Use Chat to directly and discreetly talk with individual students to intervene and encourage.
  • Access student browsing history from past classroom sessions.
  • How to get help with GoGuardian's help center and contact our support team.

Your Instructor

Rudy Brown
Rudy Brown

Rudy is a GoGuardian Teacher expert, and hosts Teacher Training, Tip Tuesday, and other learning initiatives from GoGuardian.

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